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Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

  • Official book cover designed by Amazon for Amazon 9.7″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle DX
  • Secure 9.7″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle DX in place with patent-pending cover hinge
  • Sturdy and stylish genuine black leather exterior protects 9.7″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle DX
  • Soft charcoal grey suede interior protects screen from scratches

Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover

5 Responses to “Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover”

  1. Mahlers2nd says:

    This is the same cover design that is currently used for the Kindle 2. Since I also own the Kindle 2, I did not hesitate to order this cover again for the Kindle DX. (For the record, I own both which and the cover arrived this morning along with my new Kindle DX)

    The thing that made me go for this cover over the M-Edge series is that it has discreet clips that fasten directly into the kindle and are very secure. It is similar to the mechanism that Sony uses for the PRS-505 and I find it very unobtrusive without having to deface the Kindle with velcro etc.

    HOWEVER it should be cautioned that this hinge mechanism has the potential to crack your the front faceplate kindle if you do not open the cover from the front (don’t try to open it from the back as the hinge only allows the cover to open fully one way). However, the people that had this problem with the Kindle 2 were reported the problem to Amazon and they replaced the Kindle. I personally have not had this problem, though but it is something to be aware of.

    The thing I really like about this cover is the feel of the inside which is what you wind up holding the most while you are reading. It is a very soft luxurious feeling grey flannel. The front cover folds back on itself (like a paperback) so you wind up just holding something that is just as wide as the kindle itself (i.e. not “double-width” like an open binder). The flannel lining sounds like a little thing. However, reading is often about the “curling up with a good book in a cozy chair” experience and the flannel reminds you of your most comfy flannel PJs and the lining adds to that perception.

    The leather of the cover, itself is not of great quality but it looks decent. There are also firm foam inserts inside the front and back cover to keep the screen protected.

    All in all, I’m very satisfied with the cover.

    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. P Wani says:

    I wouldn’t call the leather on the cover high quality by any means. To my eyes it looks like cheap leather. However, the cover does what it’s supposed to do well. And there are no cheaper alternatives. There are a couple of sleeves that are cheaper but these leave the DX unprotected when you are reading.

    The DX cover has a strong magnet that keeps it shut (no need of straps etc). Also unlike the competing M-edge cover that sells for the same price this locks along the hinge instead of using straps at the four corners which I think lead to a much cleaner and nicer looking interior. The hinge system is very easy to use and I recommend that you don’t buy other covers that don’t have this technology. The DX has a relatively big footprint so I like the minimalist nature of the cover, it doesn’t really increase the footprint of the device any more than it has to and fits nice and tight.

    The cover can be folded back completely if you want to read one handed (although the DX is quite heavy and not easy to hold with one hand unless you lean it on your arm).

    The interior is a nice soft suede material and feels nice on the hands. This is great when you’ve folded the cover on itself, something that I like to do.

    I give it four stars rather than 5 because the look and feel of the leather is not that good, it looks a little plasticky. But this is still, in my mind the best available option as a cover.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. zaad says:

    This is a nice simple leather cover that I would recommend. The leather has an attractive texture and the construction and stitching is neat. It does not smell noxiously like the Kindle 2 cover (does have a faint plastic chemical smell, but not that noticeable unless you hold it to your nose).

    The biggest improvement comes from the magnets that 1) hold the Kindle to the back cover and 2) keeps cover shut. It doesn’t take a lot of force to open, but holds it shut securely enough in normal situations.

    I read the other reviews about the weight of the cover, but disagree. The cover itself is actually fairly light weight. I have a hard time imagine it being any lighter unless it’s made out of a different material or made smaller. It’s basically just leather, thin padding, and a felt-like inner surface plus the magnets and the clasps. While the DX is much heavier than the Kindle 2, most of that weight is from the DX itself and not from the cover.

    I like this cover for its simple and understated design. The padding is thin, but thick enough to protect the DX. The felt-like inner surface is soft and won’t scratch the screen or backing.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Kathy says:

    I received my kindle cover today and immediately put it on. I was horrified that this $500 product had been damaged at the level of the upper clasp immediately after I had snapped the Kindle in place. Apparently this has happened to others, but for some reason Amazon did not feel it necessary to include better instructions so that customers could avoid the development of this problem. I was told it was my fault that this occurred, bc I must have “forced the cover open from the back flap.” I did not force anything. I opened the cover and the weight of the Kindle made it flop over to the front cover. I supposed this is when the damage may have occurred. I cannot understand why this cover is still produced, or why it has not been modified. I now have a very expensive item, and I fear it will have a shorter than expected life due to the damage sustained. I would not recommend this cover unless it undergoes some serious modifications.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. geek says:

    I preordered this cover with my Kindle DX and liked it very much at first. After about one week the front cover of the Kindle began to bulge up and after 2 weeks it began cracking. Amazon refuses to repair the Kindle DX under warranty. The Kindle is not a cheap plastic throw away product. It is an expensive item that provides a revenue stream for Amazon and should be treated in a more responsible manor.

    Do not buy this product! It will damage your new Kindle and Amazon will not honor their warranty.

    Rating: 1 / 5

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