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Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, Chocolate Brown

  • Official book cover designed by Amazon for Kindle (6″ Display)
  • Secure Kindle in place with patent-pending cover hinge and strap
  • Sturdy and stylish genuine leather exterior protects Kindle
  • Soft charcoal grey suede interior protects screen from scratches
  • Weighs only 6.5 ounces, allowing you to read comfortably for long periods of time without adding excess weight

Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, Chocolate Brown

5 Responses to “Amazon Kindle Leather Cover, Chocolate Brown”

  1. This new leather cover made by Amazon for the 6″ Kindle is the same excellent quality leather as the black leather cover (also made by Amazon) that I have been using for the past year. (I use my Kindle every day and the old cover still looks brand new.) I especially love the new stretchy strap, as I previously used a thick rubber band to keep my Kindle closed when I travelled with it. The cover is virtually identical on the inside (same hinge-hook system, gray felt lining). Another nice feature of the new improved cover: it is impossible to mistake the back for the front. I understand that some people opened the older-style cover upside down and backwards and damaged their Kindles. All in all, this cover is an improvement over the old one. And I love the new colors, too!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. D. Cipolla says:

    The old Kindle 2 cover looked nice, felt well made, and provided reasonable protection from the elements, but it had one big flaw: it had no mechanism to keep the cover securely closed. I often found that if I had my Kindle in my bag and it wasn’t packed tight, the cover would open on its own through normal jostling of my bag. Sometimes it would even open the wrong way, and that would bend the hooks which attach the cover to the Kindle. Those bent hooks could cause the Kindle itself to crack — and thankfully, although my hooks bent, my Kindle didn’t crack!

    The new case adds an elastic band, which keeps the Kindle’s cover closed when not in use. It rests in a little groove on the front; when you want to open it, you just pull the band to the side, and it slips behind the body of the Kindle and stays there while you read. When you’re done, you slip it back onto the front cover into its groove. Perfect.

    Bottom line: unlike its predecessor, this case stays closed when you want it to, so it will provide good protection and not suffer from bent hook syndrome. And it still looks great — especially in the new burgundy red color. A must-have for a new Kindle, and a good upgrade for those of us with the original case.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I love the color on the new Amazon Kindle Leather Cover with Strap. It is vibrant but not gauche. What disappointed me was the quality of the leather and the strap itself. The leather is nowhere near as nice as the standard Amazon Kindle cover that I got when I first purchased my Kindle 2. It has a dent in it from the shipping box and you can see the construction isn’t as sound. The strap itself also has a cheap feel. If you are using it to hold the cover when you fold it back, it bites into the front cover. I think it needs a dual channel resting space for it. Also they could use a flatter strap instead of a round one about the consistancy of most cloth covered ponytail holders. This is what it reminds me of, an extra large ponytail holder.


    Color choices

    Amazon label

    Amazon hinge technology


    Cheaper feel

    $5 more for an extra large pony tail holder.


    Only if you decide you really need to have a strap with your Kindle cover, otherwise go with the standard Kindle cover. I’ve had my standard black cover for 7 months and it looks brand new (despite accompanying me everywhere including the beach). I’ve had the Hot Pink cover/w strap 3 days and it looks worse than my black one. But if you want a strap, I would go for this one. I love the hinge techology!
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. I love my burgundy red Kindle cover. The cover is a rich burgundy red (my favorite color). The cover makes the Kindle easier to handle and more like handling a paper back book. When I drop my Kindle in my purse, I feel like the Kindle is well protected.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Just got the black one. I have an M-Edge Platform cover in ‘sapphire’; wanted something a little more grownup in appearance for the commute, since I don’t really use my booklight in transit.

    For my purpose, this is the perfect cover. The overall styling with the pebbled leather gives it a 40’s vintage appearance — grown up and serious, but cool — not corporate. The cover is pretty rigid. The little channel that holds the strap (which is like a bungee), works well to keep the strap neatly in place. This cover is exactly as I had imagined it would be: except that it’s a little more padded, which makes it even better; and it’s *very* lightweight. I just threw it onto the not-very-accurate kitchen scale. It weighs about 6-3/8 oz. (180g) — even lighter than I’d expected; but it’s still very slim despite having more padding than I’d expected. It is only very slightly larger in dimensions than the Kindle, and fits the middle pocket of my small messenger bag perfectly.

    The lining is heathered charcoal, and is more synthetic flannel-like than suede-like. What’s especially good about the color, is that it seems unlikely to show hand-grime over time. I like how it looks with the device, because it’s closer in color to the words than it is to the page background.

    As another reviewer noted, it would be difficult to mistake the back for the front. I agree with that statement. This cover does have the same hinge system as the original Amazon cover, and comes with an explicit warning not to lift the back cover. But this design also provides the means of preventing the famous ‘evil accident’, if one is conscientious about using the strap. The strap holds the cover closed firmly enough that if one does lift the back rather than the front, it doesn’t really ‘lift’ independently; and if desired one can also read with the strap over the ‘free’ edge of the Kindle. It doesn’t interfere with any buttons, and the tab situates perfectly as a place to rest one’s thumb, if one happens to hold the device in one’s right hand.

    The *front* cover folds back neatly — almost like reading without a cover, except that the device won’t slide around.

    The cover does have a strong chemical smell right now, as I expected it probably would coming right out of the box. I expect that to dissipate over time — it’s still quite new. I plan to leave it open to air out for a while and keep my nose *away*. I’m not worried about this.

    Oh. And — the packaging it came in is quite nice. I’d call it ‘giftable’, even. Harmonious with the original Kindle packaging.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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