• Certified “Made for Kindle” accessory [will only fit Kindle Paperwhite (5th and 6th Generation), Kindle (5th and 7th Generation) and Kindle Touch (4th Generation)]
  • Hardback-style cover protects your library
  • Protective book-like cover with padding neoprene layer as shock-absorber
  • Durable elastic straps keep your Kindle secure and front cover fastened
  • Black microsuede interior is gentle on your screen and soft to the touch

Product Description
As the leading manufacturer of custom cases, caseable offers hand-crafted cases specifically designed for your Kindle. Discover new and beautiful artwork from artists around the world, curated from the creative capitals of Berlin and Brooklyn. Each cover is designed using a heat-sublimation process to maximise definition and keep colours brilliant…. More >>

caseable Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite Case with “The bridge” Design