Product Description
But I don’t know the first thing about design … 
You’ve poured your heart into the book, slaved over the editing, and are now wondering what to do about your ebook cover.
You know it’s probably one of the most important aspects of getting your book noticed – if not the most important.
You are not keen to outsource it, and would really love to have a go at designing it yourself.Except you’re not sure where to start.
This is where Foolproof Kindle Covers comes in.
The eBook cover creation guide for the rest of us.
Like you, I don’t have a single pretty-pictures bone in my body.  In fact, I was once told I suck at graphics.  
But you know what they say: there’s no prize for … More >>

Foolproof Kindle Covers – Learn How To Create Effective Covers Using Free Online Tools