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Kindle Cover and Case for the Kindle 2 with Reversible Zip Closure by ecandy

  • First Kindle case in fashionable 100% cotton prints specifically designed to fit the Kindle 2
  • Fully reversible zipper allows you to zip the case back onto itself and out of your way
  • Snug-fitting, 4-point anchoring corners keeps Kindle in place and protected at all times
  • Fully handwashable in cold water, lay flat to dry
  • Designed and assembled in USA. (Also available in: Jelly Bean)

Product Description
The first Kindle case designed to fit the Kindle 2 and capture the experience of holding a bound book in a fashionable cotton cloth cover. The ecandy® Case features a sturdy, truly reversible zipper expressly designed to zip close in two directions. This thoughtful detail means you don’t have to struggle with an ordinary zipper because the ecandy® Case is actually made to zip back onto itself and out of your way when you’re reading. When not in use, the ecandy® Kindle Case zips up into a stylishly discreet device you can take anywhere. Once you slip your Kindle into the four-point anchoring corners of the ecandy® Kindle Case, headphone, USB and charger ports are fully accessible so you’ll never have to take… More >>

Kindle Cover and Case for the Kindle 2 with Reversible Zip Closure by ecandy

5 Responses to “Kindle Cover and Case for the Kindle 2 with Reversible Zip Closure by ecandy”

  1. LeonW@AWS says:

    I’ve been using the ecandy Kindle cover for some time now. I’ve taken it everywhere. From long trips in all kinds of environments to simply riding the bus to work. This cover is extremely versatile and has performed beyond expectation in protecting my Kindle from damage. I’ve had an enormous number of electronic devices over the years with all sorts of covers and cases. This case has certainly been one of the best I’ve ever owned! The fact that I never have to remove my Kindle from it’s case even to charge the device is spectacular. My Kindle fits snugly in the case so I never worry about it slipping out and being damaged. Being able to fold the top over and zip it back over itself is remarkable. This feature makes reading my Kindle in crowded places like on the bus so easy. One of the things I always worried about was taking my Kindle to places like the beach. With my ecandy Kindle cover I never worry about harsh environments. I feel very comfortable relaxing on a nice warm beach with my cooler and my Kindle thanks to the ecandy Kindle cover. The zippered pouch allows me to easily travel with my Kindle and keep all the accessories (e.g. power cord, earphones) together so nothing gets misplaced. I’m never scrambling when I’m on the go. I simply pick up my Kindle in it’s ecandy case and I’m off comforted by the knowledge that all the components are together.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Whit says:

    I absolutely love this kindle case and recommend it to all my friends. I recently bought a kindle for traveling, too many books to fit into the overhead compartment. I’ve reviewed other cases, but I found them to either expose too much of the kindle itself or I have to remove the kindle from the case. What is great about this case is the kindle is fully protecting, excellent for visiting the beach and I don’t have to remove the kindle. It has an awesome zipper that allows you to simple open the case, fold over the cover, and reverse zip it; creating a comfy backing while resting it on your knees. That way I don’t chase loosing the case or having to put it back in my bag. There is also a great little pocket for the accessories, which I haven’t found any other product with this feature that actually works. The fabric, the zipper and the stitching are very durable and the price is awesome for its quality of craftsmanship.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Lynn says:

    Great product…quality, functionality and fabric are all great. The only thing better would be more choices in fabrics. Buying more for gifts and it would be fun to have them all different. My friend loved hers too!!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. peatmoss says:

    I love my cover. The material is first rate. The quality if perfect. It has made my life so much easier. I will be buying more. This is perfect for college or going on vacation. Thank you Thank you thank you. Scott
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I absolutely love this product for my Kindle. I’ve owned one for a year now and have become quite frustrated with keeping it well protected. I have found the simple back and front covers with a single strap to be too exposing. Sure it keeps the screen from getting scratched but I carry my Kindle with me every where and those cases just weren’t enough coverage. Then I found this case by ecandy and bought one immediately. It provides full protection like a laptop case and had this awesome reversible zipper so you simply unzip, fold it over and re-zip; you don’t have to remove the Kindle from the case. The part I love most about it is this nifty pocket for the cords and accessories! I have yet to find a case with such a well designed pocket. The case is very durable and looks just as new after a few months of constant commuting. I am looking to buy another as a gift for my parents.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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