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M-Edge GO! Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge , Marbled Red

  • Designed for Kindle 2 with luxurious, rich marbled red 100% genuine leather
  • Low profile and slim jacket for on-the-go Kindle 2 users
  • Utilizes Kindle Compatible hinge system to hold device in place with additional mounting security provided by upper and lower elastic straps
  • Jacket allows access to all ports and buttons
  • The Go! Jacket is offered in 9 genuine leather colors: Marbled Red, Pebbled Black, Smooth Mocha, Pebbled Fuchsia, Pebbled Purple, Jade Green

Product Description
The GO! Jacket for Latest Generation Amazon Kindle is the ultimate for sophisticated on-the-go eReader users. Whether in the office, at a business meeting, or on the treadmill, the GO! Jacket provides refined and stylish protection of your Amazon Kindle in a superior case. The GO! Jacket offers full surface protection in a lushly padded case, while the soft grey interior ensures your Kindle will always be cushioned in comfort. The jacket utilizes Kindle-compatible mounting system to hold your device firmly in place. Even while closed, you will find access to all ports, so you never need to remove your reader for charging. The M-edge Accessories Latest Generation Kindle GO! Jacket is a sleek case that will prot… More >>

M-Edge GO! Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge , Marbled Red

5 Responses to “M-Edge GO! Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge , Marbled Red”

  1. B. Boyle says:

    My GO! is in red marbled leather. The leather is a beautiful shade of bright red — very nicely made, with precise white stitching at the edges. Inside is completely lined with soft silvery gray felt. I would have guessed the inside was suede, but I’m told M-edge uses felt. At the center, a strip of red leather holds the Amazon-patented hinges. The Kindle clicks easily into the hinges, and feels very secure when connected. Black elastic corners hold the top and bottom right corners of the Kindle, with red leather trim covering the corners of the device itself. The corner supports are attractive, but seem unnecessary since the hinge system is very secure. If the corners had been optional, I would not have chosen them, but at least they give me another touch of my favorite color.

    I ordered this cover because it was compact, and I’m very happy with its slim profile. The GO! is only the tiniest bit taller and wider than the Kindle: 8-5/16″ tall and 5-7/8″ wide. With my K2 inside, it is only 3/4″ thick. The M-edge web site shows dimensions of 8.25 in. x 5.25 in. x 0.66 in. My ruler didn’t agree with the first two dimensions; I measured the thickness WITH the Kindle inside, so that’s why my third measurement differs.

    This is a no-frills cover. There is no clasp, no pocket, and no extra space in the fold for the M-edge E-luminator book light. The only unnecessary features, IMHO, are the two elastic corners. A clasp, pocket(s) and/or a spot for the E-luminator would add width and weight, so I’m happy not to have them. People who want something to keep the cover closed could use an elastic band. I’m satisfied with my Mighty Brite book light, so didn’t need the space for the E-luminator. It would have been nice to have just one small pocket, just large enough for a business card, but I can live without it.

    When the GO! cover is folded back for reading, the suede-like felt on the fold feels good in my hands.There are no sharp edges on the right side where the two cover edges come together, so that feels comfortable, as well.

    No part of the GO! cover obscures menu buttons, mini-USB port, power switch, earphone jack or volume control slider. However, with the corner supports in use, the speakers are held tightly against the back cover. When I tested the Text-to-Speech feature, I adjusted the volume to compensate, and I could hear just fine.

    I’ve read reviews that complain about the smell of M-edge leather covers… this cover was not odor-free, but it is not an unpleasant odor. I’d compare it to the smell of leather seats in a new car. It seems to be fading as quickly as the “new car” smell does, too.

    At $29.99, the Go! shares the same price as Amazon’s black cover, but as Amazon should and may yet learn, color choices are a good thing! All in all, I’m very pleased with this purchase.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Kathryn says:

    I just got my cover yesterday and I’m so happy that I decided on this one! The red color of the leather is absolutely beautiful. It’s a nice, rich candy apple red. The hinges inside as well as the corner straps really hold the kindle in the cover well. It feels nice and sturdy. I don’t have any fear that my kindle will fall out of the cover. And it was super easy to connect the hinges. Some people have complained about the smell. It’s not a strong smell (I can only smell it if I place it right up to my nose), nor is it an unpleasant smell. It smells like a nice new pair of leather shoes, or a fabulous leather purse. I personally love the smell or leather. If it’s a smell that you’re not a fan of, this brand offers a couple synthetic leather covers that I’m sure don’t have that smell. All in all, I feel it was totally worth the money. Especially since it’s the same price as the Amazon cover and comes in many more fun colors!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. sandy says:

    This case is simple, sturdy and just what I was looking for. It is sleek and slimline, but I’m not afraid that my Kindle2 will fall out.

    The only problem is that it stinks – a very strong leathery type smell.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. travelgo says:

    I was given the basic Amazon black cover and wanted a red cover instead so bought the red GO! The two advantages of the GO! are the color and the corner Kindle holders.

    The disadvantage is that, unlike the Amazon cover, the GO! has a softer spine and when the front cover is flipped behind the back cover, the two covers don’t align.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. kia00nc says:

    I spent DAYS looking for the perfect case for my Kindle (after spending MONTHS deciding on the Kindle). I read all the reviews and upon receiving my case today I realize I made the best decision. Here are some highlights:

    1. Shipping was timely and the case arrived on the exact same day as my Kindle

    2. Like other reviewers there is a leather smell when you remove the case from the plastic but if you are used to carrying quality leather goods the smell is easy to adjust to and not overpowering.

    3. The Kindle easily snaps into the case and the directions provided are clear and easy to follow. The straps that hold the Kindle are snug and when shaking the Kindle there is no fear it will fall out of the case.

    4. Quality- the color is rich, the leather is quality and the smooth felt interior protects your investment.

    5. Within an hour of receiving my Kindle and case at work I already received 4 compliments on the case which then brought intrigue at what was contained inside. This brought forth even more confidence and pride in my new “toy”!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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