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M-Edge GO! Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge , Sapphire Blue

  • Designed for Kindle 2 with luxurious, rich sapphire blue 100% genuine leather
  • Low profile and slim jacket for on-the-go Kindle 2 users
  • Utilizes Kindle Compatible hinge system to hold device in place with additional mounting security provided by upper and lower elastic straps
  • Jacket allows access to all ports and buttons
  • The Go! Jacket is offered in 9 genuine leather colors: Marbled Red, Pebbled Black, Smooth Mocha, Pebbled Fuchsia, Pebbled Purple, Jade Green

Product Description
The GO! Jacket for Latest Generation Amazon Kindle is the ultimate for sophisticated on-the-go eReader users. Whether in the office, at a business meeting, or on the treadmill, the GO! Jacket provides refined and stylish protection of your Amazon Kindle in a superior case. The GO! Jacket offers full surface protection in a lushly padded case, while the soft grey interior ensures your Kindle will always be cushioned in comfort. The jacket utilizes Kindle-compatible mounting system to hold your device firmly in place. Even while closed, you will find access to all ports, so you never need to remove your reader for charging. The M-edge Accessories Latest Generation Kindle GO! Jacket is a sleek case that will prot… More >>

M-Edge GO! Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge , Sapphire Blue

5 Responses to “M-Edge GO! Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge , Sapphire Blue”

  1. Jessi says:

    M-edge GO! Jacket for Kindle 2 (Genuine Leather–Sapphire Blue)

    I love this cover. The color, how well it holds my K2, and the functionality! The color is amazing, it really pops! It holds the K2 by the rail system and it’s really easy to use. It’s thin enough for me to hold in my purse and not feel bulky in it.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Love the jacket. M-Edge the company? Well I love them too… but they are a bit screwed up. I ordered 2 covers and 2 E-Luminator lights (love the light by the way). The package arrived – 2 covers and 1 light! Akkk! So I called and left a message and then followed up with an E-Mail.

    A week later I got a new light (WooHoo!)

    Then another light shows up.

    Then they sent me an E-Mail saying they would ship me another new light.

    OMG I’m swimming in lights! How does this company stay in business?

    Of course I reported the screw-up and they sent me a label so I could return the extra light(s). I’m not going to rip these guys off. I love them and their stuff.

    Just a few minor complaints. The leather Prodigy jacket is very thick and you can’t fold it all the way back around like you can with the official Amazon jacket. It folds open and makes your Kindle feel more like a real book… but after using the amazon jacket for 8 months, I kinda liked the “clipboard” type feel. M-Edge does sell a jacket that flips up and over and I think I might have liked that one better… maybe not.

    The little light is slick. It slides into a pocket inside the jacket. You swivel it up when you need it. It has 2 brightness settings and it’s easy to adjust the neck on the light to eliminate glare.

    Next complaint. What the heck do you do with the little lip thing that holds the jacket closed? You open up the jacket and this stupid flap is just in the way of your screen. You can slide it under the Kindle to hold it still I guess. There should be some kind of magnetic thing that you flip the strap around and it locks out of the way.

    One last complaint. The little straps that hold the edge of the kindle down are a good idea but they kinda don’t work. They always slip off. The real amazon jacket doesn’t have them at all so I guess these are a bit of an improvement for the times when they are on the Kindle. They should have been placed a bit differently on the cover and should be a bit wider.

    Ok… I’m making it sound a lot worse than it is. This cover is really nice. That said, you might just want to buy the official Amazon jacket and the official Amazon light. Only problem is the Amazon light is big and clunky so you would have to leave it in the night stand. The m-edge one comes with your Kindle wherever you go.

    ya… go with the M-Edge one. It’s better.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. This is a lovely, all leather cover for my new Kindle 2 (which replaced my Kindle 1). It is perfectly suited to hold my Kindle securely where none of my previous covers did. It is soft on the inside to protect the screen from scratches but sturdy enough to also protect from bumps and bruises in my purse or tote bag. My only disappointment with this cover is that it does not work with the specially designed portable lights made for Kindle. Other covers are compatible and if I had known of this downside before I ordered, I would have gotten one of them instead. I found a light that will work (for late night reading in bed without disturbing my husband) but not as well as it could and thus it limits my late night use.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  4. Lawrence L says:

    finally got my hand on this and the blue is actually darker than it looks on screen for it (same as the jaded green one i picked up for a friend). the case is beautifully made and great attention to detail in terms of the stitching.

    you can bend the leather case cover to the back of the kindle so that allows you to hold the machine in one hand. this actually improves the grip a lot as the interior of this case uses suede. however there is a problem that i can foresee coming is that if you don’t fold it symmetrically to the back consistently, soon or later, the cover would bend either upward or downward when you put it back to the resting position. (as it already have a tendency to do that for mine after 1 week or usage)

    Amazon wouldn’t ship this to my location so i got it off from m-edge official web store. something with their web store that doesn’t take the character ‘&’. after numerous attempts and communication with the technical team, we found out the problem and bypassed it by typing in “and” instead.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Running Mom says:

    Love the cover. I often read without a cover and I was worried that getting the kindle in and out of the cover would be cumbersome but it actually is quick and easy while still providing great protection. The color is a little darker than shown but still a great blue. My only problem with it is that the elastic straps over the outside corners made marks on the skin that I bought for it. Not a big deal though.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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