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Patagonia Kindle Case

  • Great protection designed specifically for 6″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle
  • Polyester-elastic catch straps for easy viewing of entire screen
  • Water-resistant, 100% recycled polyester shell
  • Internal nylon stretch-woven document pocket
  • No metal hardware to interfere with wireless function

Product Description
Combining eco-conscienceness with function, the Patagonia Book Case for 2nd Generation Kindle provides great protection in a 100% recycled polyester shell. The screen can be viewed while in the water-resistant case, so you can read and protect at the same time. A poly-mesh handle makes carrying a breeze, and the plastic zipper means that you won’t experience metal-interference during wireless access…. More >>

Patagonia Kindle Case

5 Responses to “Patagonia Kindle Case”

  1. Like many Kindle 2 owners I was debating between purchasing the Patagonia case or the Amazon case for the Kindle 2. I purchased both, evaluated them for a few days, and returned one. Here are the pro’s and con’s of each:

    Amazon Case +’s and -’s:

    + $10 cheaper than the Patagonia

    + Unique latching system that no other case offers

    + Makes the Kindle 2 feel more like a book.

    + Has a nice velvety interior

    + Has a very professional / business like look

    - Smells kind of funky

    - Does not prevent liquid or dust from getting into the Kindle 2 when it’s not being used

    - Kindle sort of flops around since it’s secured only by the left side and not the back (obviously velcro is an easy work around to this)

    - Noticeably heavier than the Patagonia for extended reading periods

    - I doubt the Amazon case will protect as well as the Patagonia in the event of a fall since it’s not sealed.

    Patagonia +’s and -’s:

    + Water-resistant and dust resistant due to having zipper’s (The zipper’s are a bit stiff, but they are very sturdy)

    + Lightweight

    + Has two carrying handles on the outside

    + Has a small pouch on the inside to store a cleaning cloth for the screen or add another layer of foam protection

    + The nylon straps work surprising well to secure the Kindle. They are not as good as the Amazon case, but you don’t have to worry about the Kindle falling out.

    - The Patagonia should be priced at $29.99. No reason for a $10 premium, but then again $39.99 is not much to protect a $359 gadget.

    - The foam could be thicker for the price and the front portion should be thicker to offer extra protection for the screen. (The easy work around to this is to simply cut two small pieces of foam and insert in the back and front of the case)

    - I am not a huge fan of recycled nylon. I prefer ballistic nylon instead. Hopefully the nylon holds up over time.

    In the end I went with the Patagonia for two reasons:

    1. I read my Kindle 2 for at least 1 to 2 hours at a stretch. The lighter weight of the Patagonia really makes a difference over extended reading periods.

    2. Water / dust protection is a must for me. Since the Patagonia is completed sealed when closed, I am less worried about where I place my Kindle 2. I don’t have to worry about crumbs, water droplets, cat hair etc. getting into my Kindle 2. Overall, an excellent choice. I rate it 4 stars only because it is a bit overpriced.

    Update 3-8-08:

    1. If you push too hard on the upper left corner of the case, the Kindle sometimes pops out at that edge. Not a big deal, I just changed where I hold the Kindle.

    Otherwise the case has held up fine and I cannot reiterate how useful it is to be able to completely zip this case shut.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Mediahound says:

    Watch Video Here: My brief video review of the Patagonia Kindle 2 case. The framing is a little off in the video (sorry about that), but I think the video will give you a good idea of this case.

    Patagonia uses environmentally friendly materials, donates 1% of profits to good causes and offers a satisfaction guarantee on their products as well.

    Note – if you don’t want to have to deal with straps to hold the Kindle in, and you always read the Kindle out of the case, you might consider the Belkin Neoprene Sleeve Case for Amazon Kindle 2 which opens on just two sides for you to slip the Kindle in and out of. I now use the Belkin case and not this Patagonia one myself!
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. A. Reader says:

    I’m not sure how Gary managed to review ALL the Kindle 2 covers BEFORE they were available, but I only have this one and I like it. It seems waterproof, it adds a little cushion without too much bulk, and its not obvious what I’m reading. I almost got the $99 leather case for its elegence, but opted for the practicality of this one. If youre looking for the absolute slimmest, look elsewhere, but for throwing it in a bag, this is the best choice. (I’m clumsy, and probably need the extra padding.)
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. J. Matheu says:

    Good points: Made solidly, water resistant cover, agree w/ review stating the extra padding would be good for throwing in a bag but still keeps a very slim profile, Patagonia has some great products and does stand by them with their Ironclad Guarantee.

    Not so good points: Zipper is very tight and somewhat difficult to get around the corners, the corner tabs are small and disengage the Kindle 2 easily, why are there two “handhold straps” on the front & back? These just look like they will get in the way. Not much room for any additional accessories (light, power cord) on the inside.

    This is a great cover if you are heading into the great outdoors – beach, mountains, etc., and I agree that the extra padding in a bag will be useful, but the jury is still out as for a day by day use.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. Like many other reviewers, I investigated all of the covers for my new Kindle 2. As an outdoorsy girl, I’m a big Patagonia fan, so I was really glad to see they make this product. In spite of my immediate bias, I did read the reviews of the other covers, but in the end, decided to purchase the Patagonia.

    I’ve been using it for a month now, and my initial bias has only been reinforced. I love it.

    Advantages: It doesn’t have the funky smell of neoprene, it zips completely shut, it is lightweight and slim, and most important, it is environmentally sound.

    Patagonia is an exceptional company – I wish other businesses would take note. They endeavor to minimize the carbon footprint of every product, and they treat their employees very well. Also, their stuff lasts a really long time! I still wear a jacket I bought from them almost 20 years ago! So, I feel good about the longevity and durability of this case.

    Some reviewers have complained about the Kindle falling out of the case. I haven’t experienced that at all – the four corners are very snug. I just unzip the case and read my Kindle still in it. Occasionally I take the Kindle out to read it naked-style, then squoosh it back under the corners when I’m done. Maybe if I carried it around unzipped it would fall out, but I don’t do that; it’s only unzipped for reading. (Don’t carry it around unzipped and it won’t fall out!)

    Another complaint is the snug zipper. Yeah, that’s the norm for outdoor gear. Why? Tight seals are safer seals. The rain and debris stay out better. Also, as it loosens over time, it won’t become too loose. Just pull the zipper OUT as you pull it around and its easier.

    The padding is thick enough that I feel comfortable tossing it in my large, crazy purse of chaos. The straps on the outside aren’t useful as handles, as others as have complained. But they are good for eyeglasses, your book light, or attaching it to something else. Best of all, when you’re reading your Kindle, your hand slides nicely under the straps for a comfy handhold. If I want thicker padding or bigger handles, I can put this case inside of something else. I think of it as those sleeves we get for our laptops, just enough to keep it safe inside of something else.

    Is it worth the $10 more than most other covers? You betcha! It looks great, works well, will last for many years, and its easy on the environment. Think of it as a worthy best friend for your Kindle!
    Rating: 5 / 5

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