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Patagonia Kindle DX Case

  • Thermal-molded shell on both sides of the device for maximum protection in a rugged yet sleek case.
  • Stretch-woven catch-straps cradle your 9.7″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle DX for extra protection but allow easy viewing of the entire screen and buttons.
  • Water-resistant, 100% recycled polyester shell.
  • Internal nylon stretch-woven document pocket; brushed polyester interior lining is fleecy to the touch.
  • Single-slide plastic zipper. Poly-webbing on the spine of the Reader Case acts as both a handle and provides extra balance while reading your 9.7″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle DX in the case.

Product Description
Combining green-consciousness with superior function, the lightweight (6.7oz) Reader Case for 9.7″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle DX provides great protection in a 100% recycled-polyester molded shell. You can feel confident reading your DX while the case is open — simply loop the webbing strap around your hand for extra stability. And the single-slide plastic zipper means there is no metal interference while using your Kindle…. More >>

Patagonia Kindle DX Case

5 Responses to “Patagonia Kindle DX Case”

  1. Lee Butler says:

    This case is built pretty well and does protect the kindle, but there are several design issues that would keep me from recommending this or buying it again.

    1. It is very hard to get the Kindle DX into all four corners of the case.

    2. Access to the power switch is a problem. You can get to it, but you have to wedge a finger between the case and Kindle DX.

    3. You have almost no access to the volume controls so if you listen to your Kindle, don’t buy this case.

    4. You have to bend the case out of the way to plug in the micro-USB cable.

    It seems as if you are expected to take the Kindle out of the case if you are doing anything beyond reading, but getting it out and back in is not something you will want to do often.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Lori P says:

    I couldn’t get my Kindle to fit into the case without forcing it and I didn’t want to force it. I also didn’t like the fact that it’s about 3 times as thick as the Kindle. I just want something to protect my Kindle I don’t need extra space. And this was definitely not worth $54. $20 maybe, but not $54. I ended up returning it and I bought an HP mini-notebook neoprene cover at Best Buy for $15. The Kindle fits great and there is some additional room for the cord and other accessories if needed.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  3. Plain Mike says:

    Reading the previous review, I was a little worried ordering the Patagonia DX case. I had the smaller 2nd generation Kindle, and had the Patagonia Case for it. I liked that case a lot, and this one is BETTER! The previous case had fairly soft elastic at the corners to retain the Kindle, and there were a couple of times when it slipped out of one or two corners with pretty mild handling. I fitted velcro to the back of the kindle and inside that case to keep some future slippage from dropping the small Kindle. This case has a semi-ridgid shell, and much more substantial restraints. It looks like it will work perfectly without any mods.

    I think the semi-ridgid cover will protect the screen even better than the smaller Patagonia Case. The fact that edges wrap a little above the face of the Kindle will probably help protect the Kindle if it falls, even if the case is open.

    The edges of the case can easily be bent down if necessary for access to controls and connectors.

    This is a winner!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. I am the type of person who is very picky about what I purchase and will return it in a heartbeat if it is not perfect – that being said, I purchased this with some hesitation based on the other reviews and have absolutely no intention of returning it. It is not actually that hard to get your kindle in. It will not just pop in, but if you are decently dexterous you should be just fine (I’m not amazing and did it just fine in maybe 20 seconds, if that). The power switch and the spot to plug in are very easy to access by merely bending the case a little.

    Two warnings:

    1. When I read “shell” I thought “somewhat hard shell.” It is not, which I was disappointed about (this is also the reason it got 4 and not 5 stars). However, since NONE of the cases really offered good screen protection (by my standard), I decided to improvise and put a small piece of egg carton packaging I had in the sleeve that faces the kindles screen and now its perfect.

    2. This is the type of case you will most likely leave your kindle in all the time just based on the way it goes in and out. Its fine for me because I’m careless and prefer it to be protected at all times – but if you like to take the kindle out of the casing when you read this then this case is probably not for you.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. M. Flynn says:

    Patagonia case offers great protection with one caveat – the top is not stiff enough to keep material from pressing against screen in a crowded bag. Another limitation is that it is very difficult to insert the reader into the 4 tabs – the last one obviously the most difficult. The fit is just tight enough to make using the zipper less than ideal. The cover also makes it less than easy to access the power button.

    I used the Patagonia & then switched to the far superior Amazon leather case.
    Rating: 2 / 5

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