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Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Sleeve Black/GunMetal/Lime-Aide

  • Durable ballistic nylon exterior.
  • High-density foam Kindle protection.
  • Slim profile maximizes portability without compromising protection.
  • Designed specifically for the 6″ display, latest generation Kindle

Product Description
Timbuk2′s nylon sleeve provides non-bulky protection for your 6″ Display, Latest Generation Kindle… More >>

Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Sleeve Black/GunMetal/Lime-Aide

5 Responses to “Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Sleeve Black/GunMetal/Lime-Aide”

  1. AHefner says:

    I looked at many different sleeves before I finally decided to purchase this one. I wanted a case to protect my Kindle and this case provides the level of protection I wanted. The quality of the construction feels very study. The stitching on the fabric shows no lack of quality. The velcro shows the same workmanship.

    This case has a nice soft inside material that sort of reminds me of micro fiber. Also it seems to provide enough padding to keep the Kindle from getting damaged from accidental drops or from being damaged while in another bag.

    I wanted a case that was fully enclosed but worried that a zipper case may scratch the sides of the device when opening or closing a zippered case. The book style cases didn’t provide a fully encasement when shut not to mention the case was attached to the Kindle when in use.

    The only thing I would have changed is the amount of room for the Kindle. It is not a big deal but when you pick up the case with the Kindle inside you can tell, that at times, you are accidently pressing a the next buttons on the side of the device. This isn’t a big deal because I always but my Kindle to sleep before placing in the case but I still find it half way annoying. Just a little extra room, maybe a 1/4 inch, possibly less may keep this from happening.


    After having the sleeve for a couple weeks now the materials seemed to have loosed up and I no longer think it needs any extra room. The fit now is perfect. I enjoy this product so much that I have been thinking about ordering the Timbuk2 Messanger Bag.

    I did accidentally drop my Kindle once so far while getting out of my car and the sleeve protected it from the parking lot gravel.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. tiburon says:

    I had searching for a sleeve for my Kindle for the last month. I had originally bought the Patagonia “book cover” style case when I got my Kindle. I quickly found that the extra material ruined the feel of the device in my hand – so I kept removing the Kindle from the cover. This made me nervous because I would forget to zip it all the way, sending it tumbling out inside of my bag.

    So I went to find a sleeve.

    This sleeve is by far the most rugged I’ve found. The case and Timbuk2 messenger bag is sitting next to each other while I’m writing this on the train. I can tell you for a fact that they make these from the same nylon used to make the bags, and it will probably last as long.

    The Patagonia seems cheap by comparison.

    The stitching and velcro are solid and the interior is a chamois-like fabric. This thing will definitely protect your Kindle should it take a spill or from bumps and drops in your bag while traveling.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. I’ve recently upgraded from a Kindle 1 to a Kindle 2 and didn’t want my ebook reader to be hidden in a cover; I wanted to be able to easily read with my Kindle naked.

    That being said, I looked for a sleeve that looked easy enough for me to slip my Kindle in and out of easily and without having anything to possibly scuff up the device. I was going to settle on a sleeve with a zipped closure but happen to see this Timbuk2 sleeve that utilized velcro.

    And I love it! The sleeve is decently padded that I feel comfortable placing my Kindle in my backpack with the sleeve. The velcro works perfectly as well, making it super easy to get the Kindle in and out easily and without having to look for anything metal (i.e. a zipper) to possibly rub up and scratch the device.

    The one disadvantage a velcro-closure has compared to a zip-closure is that, while in a closed state, it isn’t a 100% fully closed state. The velcro and the fold-over flap are quite secure but nothing beats a zipped-up closure.

    If you’re looking for a quality sleeve for your Kindle, I would highly suggest this sleeve by Timbuk2.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. There isn’t much to say, except that the Timbuk2 sleeve looks smart and fits my Kindle 2 perfectly.

    (It’s much better than the previous sleeve that I purchased and returned because the fit was too tight.)
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Patty G. says:

    I did an ENORMOUS amount of research on Kindle covers before I decided on this one. After much deliberation, I knew that I wanted just a simple sleeve-type cover. I didn’t want a zippered case, as most reviews that I read seemed to indicate that other Kindle owners had found that many of the zippered cases fit SO tightly around the Kindle that the fabric of the cover actually began to rip. I also didn’t want a case that had straps and mounting hardware….just too cumbersome and awkward. So I decided, by default, on the Timbuk 2 sleeve. It’s perfect! The sleeve is very well made and will probably look every bit as good in 10 years as it does today! It certainly will provide good protection for the Kindle. The only thing that would have made this sleeve even better would have been if the maunufacturer would have put a small opening in the bottom so that the recharging cord could have been attached without removing the Kindle from the sleeve. But that would have, to some small degree, reduced the structural integrity of the case. At any rate, I highly recommend this sleeve.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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