• Sure-Fit Compartment For Trendy Look
  • Housing Compartment Maximizing Protection
  • Side Button Cut-Out For Easy Navigation
  • Corner Magnet System To Secure The Kindle When The Case Is In Closed State

Product Description
TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus eReader Jacket TM for Amazon Kindle 2 is the very best protection system for Kindle 2. The MaxGuard Plus eReader Jacket TM is designed to maximize accessibility, portability and surface protection. Several unique design elements have been introduced into this book jacket. The Sure-Fit compartment houses the Kindle 2 securely while allowing easy access to power switch, headphone jack, USB/Power port and charger indicator. The enclosed housing maximizes the protection on the whole unit while preserving the sleek & trim presentation of Kindle 2. The side button cut-out provides custom fit protection and easy access to the navigation buttons on either side of the Kindle. The case has cor… More >>

TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus Kindle Cover , with Embedded Corner Closure, Black Color