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TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus Kindle Cover , with Embedded Corner Closure, Brown Color–Promotion Price

  • Sure-fit compartment for trendy look
  • Housing compartment maximizing protection
  • Side button cut-out for easy navigation
  • Corner magnet system to secure the Kindle when the case is in closed state

Product Description
TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus eReader Jacket TM for Amazon Kindle 2 is the very best protection system for Kindle 2. The MaxGuard Plus eReader Jacket TM is designed to maximize accessibility, portability and surface protection. Several unique design elements have been introduced into this book jacket. The Sure-Fit compartment houses the Kindle 2 securely while allowing easy access to power switch, headphone jack, USB/Power port and charger indicator. The enclosed housing maximizes the protection on the whole unit while preserving the sleek & trim presentation of Kindle 2. The side button cut-out provides custom fit protection and easy access to the navigation buttons on either side of the Kindle. The case has cor… More >>

TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus Kindle Cover , with Embedded Corner Closure, Brown Color–Promotion Price

5 Responses to “TrendyDigital MaxGuard Plus Kindle Cover , with Embedded Corner Closure, Brown Color–Promotion Price”

  1. I was looking for a cover for my Kindle when this item popped up on the search. The price was reasonable compared to others. Once I got it, and put my Kindle in the cover, I am very impressed with it. It only adds a slight bulk to the unit (an issue with a lot of the covers) but still provides a decent level of protection and I don’t see any way that the unit can fall out of the cover unless you work at it. All the buttons, and plugs are accessible without removing the cover and it feels like a book when reading. This item provides the protection you need for the Kindle unit without adding needless bulk to the package.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. Mimi says:

    Getting the Kindle 2 was a given! That was the easy part– then,on to the cover. I spent days researching covers! The Trendy Digital immediately gave the appearance of a handsome, leather bound book–but,then,there were the few negative reviews–most having to do with the odor. Someone even commented that the odor was so horrible that they threw it outside! Well, I’d leave it and go to another choice only to come back again and again. (Not only did it look handsome, but the price was also right.) Finally, I bit the bullet and ordered it. Couldn’t be happier. That odor? Well, it was kind of like taking a new pair of leather shoes out of the box for the first time. And as far as protection of the Kindle, I don’t think there’s another cover out there that could even begin to offer as much security .Oh, and did I mention that it does feel like holding a nice leather bound book?! Excellent, excellent piece of merchandise.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  3. Hootie Owl says:

    Since other reviewer have commented on the SMELL of other covers, I will say there was a very slight odor when opened,I let it air out for two days and now NO smell. Cover fits perfectly – well constructed. It should provide the necessary protection needed for my kindle. (I can’t see any way for the kindle to slide out.) Price was very reasonable, also.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. KevanK says:

    I purchased this cover at the same time I bought my Kindle about a month ago. I searched through all the major covers and none of the reviews satisfied me. I then saw the reviews for this cover in the red and decided to take a shot with this brand since the only real complaint given by people was the smell of the leather. I went with the brown and am very satisfied with the product. It is the cheapest of all the other covers, but it looks great. I’ve had many compliments on it by other Kindle owners. It does not harm your Kindle as you just slide it in or out whenever you like. No zippers or buttons, just fold over the top and the sturdy magnets hold everything in place. There was a slight smell when I first opened the product, but it was gone within a day. Save yourself some money and don’t harm your Kindle by purchasing this cover.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. I think this type of cover is the very best for the Kindle. Nothing to clip on; no worries about your Kindle case cracking. Just slip the Kindle in and start reading. One caution, after a few weeks the cover will loosen up a bit, so if you like to fold the cover back, you may need to keep a finger in place as it can slip out some. Never had one to come all the out, though. This cover is better than any I’ve seen, and I’ve looked at just about all of them.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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