• Certified Made for Kindle Accessory (Kindle Fire). The Prologue cover was specifically designed for Kindle Fire.
  • Lightweight and exceptionally sturdy construction. No unnecessary bulk.
  • Microfiber interior lining protects your Kindle fire screen. Slim pocket for essentials.
  • Specially designed corner strap system features long-life elastic straps with no-slip silicone. Strap length, tension, and placement are custom-engineered to hold onto the Kindle Fire and not let go. (If you are looking for a cover to take the Kindle Fire in and out of frequently, we suggest a sleeve.)

Product Description
Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle FireThe Verso Prologue Covers for Kindle Fire are little time machines. They will take you back to the days of meticulously handcrafted book bindings – the kind of bindings you can only find in dusty old libraries and antiquarian bookshops these days. Bindings with workmanship that honored the erudition printed on the pages inside. We think that there is something very appealing – maybe a little ironic – about juxtaposing the latest in tech innovation with a throwback cover. A Prologue cover is a proud anachronism. Like the handcrafted bindings of old, Prologue covers feature construction methods that make them special. We wanted them to appear well-read and well-loved righ… More >>

Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle Fire, Tan